“Encotech CN” is Encore Natural Polymers Private Limited’s brand for building construction grade Hydroxypropyl ethers of guar and other galactomannans. These products are designed with special chemical and physical properties suitable for applications where high water retention is required.

Encotech CN products function in alkaline solutions without any effect on stability. Their higher degree of molar substitution improves water retention, sag resistance, adjustability, adhesion strength, consistency, setting time, flow properties and leveling properties. They provide excellent results in tile adhesives, cement or gypsum based crack fillers, dry cement based wall putty, ready mix mortar, tile grouts, self leveling flooring compounds, cement or gypsum based plaster and cement paints.

Encotech CN products are available in a range of viscosities and can be customized to meet our clients’ needs.

Encotech CN, Construction Additives:

  • Are water retention aids for construction applications.
  • Improve rheological properties in construction applications due to an adequate degree of molar substitution.
  • Thickening efficiency improves the sag resistance of plaster/mortar during application on vertical walls.
  • Improve application properties such as open time, adjustability, adhesion strength, consistency, setting time, flow and levelling of construction materials.
  • Their non-ionic nature and high degree of molar substitution increases compatibility with cement, gypsum, lye and other additives used in construction applications.
  • Can be used alone or in combination with cellulose based products such as MHEC used in construction applications.