'Encore Natural Polymers Private Limited’ products for Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Fracturing are sold under the brand name “Encotech FR”. Encotech FR products include fast hydrating guar and derivatives of guar such as Hydroxypropyl guar and Hydroxypropyl-Carboxymethyl guar.

Encotech FR products prevent water loss from viscous drilling mud and suspended clay particles used in the mud. They help maintain viscosity in the mud and help reduce friction in the holes, thus minimizing power consumption. Regulated viscosity of the mud solution also stabilizes and regulates flow properties of drilling fluids. These products are used in flocculation of clay used in drilling fluids, as thermal viscosity stabilizers for non-clay bore well fluids and as thickening agents in drilling mud and fluids.

Encotech FR products are manufactured with a dual focus on quality and customer specific requirements resulting in uniform large-scale production.

Encotech FR, Oil Well Drilling and Fracturing Polymers:

  • Are ideally suited for oil well drilling, hydraulic fracturing, oil well stimulation, mud drilling and diesel slurries.
  • Provide control over fluid and water loss, and viscosity.
  • Improve suspension turbulence and lubrication thereby reducing friction in the well, and minimizing power requirements.
  • Useful in applications where quick hydrating property and high terminal viscosity is required.
  • Work as stimulating fluid additives and exhibit good thermal stability.
  • Save time in the oil well drilling and fracturing process, as they hydrate faster than other guar products.
  • Have high thermal stability, and thereby ensure slurry viscosity remains stable even at high temperatures.
  • Can be used in sensitive geological formations as they contain fewer impurities that could contaminate the region.