'Encore Natural Polymers Private Limited’ brand name for printing thickeners is “Indrez”. The Indrez group of products includes derivatives of galactomannan, (guar and other high molecular weight polymers including tamarind). All our products are standardized for high quality textile printing. A wide variety of derivatives of guar and tamarind are available, as are blends of these derivatives with other natural polymers.

The textile industry uses a wide range of printing thickeners, dependent on the substrate, style and method of printing.Indrez productsare suitable for most printing styles (flatbed, rotary screen and roller)and most types of dyes. Indrez thickeners can be customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our Marketing and Quality Control teams closely monitor all products, including customized products to ensure they meet our stringent solubility, filtration, and viscosity measures.

Indrez products have no reducing effect on dyes and are unaffected by hardness of water used in paste preparation. These products also help provide excellent color penetration and leveling. Additionally these products enable sharp printing without flushing. Indrez products are easily washable, resulting in fabric with a full and soft handle.

Textile Printing Thickeners Products:

Have excellent water solubility,thereby reduce preparation time for stock paste.
Pseudoplastic rheology gives high definition print results.
Provide a soft and elastic thickener film that does not crack or flake off even at high temperature steaming    conditions.
Give brighter color results and add value to the final finish of the fabric.
Are easily washed off after color fixation due to effective chemical modification.
Have excellent flow properties and give high quality results even on high speed printing machines.